Monday, January 26, 2009

1968 in Europe or Bakunin

1968 in Europe: A History of Protest and Activism, 1956-77

Author: Martin Klimk

A concise reference for researchers on the protest movements of the 1960s and 1970s, this book covers the history of the various national protest movements, the transnational aspects of these movements, and the common narratives and cultures of memory surrounding them.

Table of Contents:

Foreword     vii
1968 in Europe: An Introduction   Martin Klimke   Joachim Scharloth     1
Transnational Roots of the 1968 Protest Movements
Subcultural Movements: The Provos   Niek Pas     13
Situationism   Thomas Hecken   Agata Grzenia     23
The International Peace Movement   Michael Frey     33
The Origins of the British New Left   Madeleine Davis     45
Music and Protest in 1960s Europe   Detlef Siegfried     57
Motions and Emotions   Jakob Tanner     71
Protest Histories in Different European Countries
Italy   Jan Kurz   Marica Tolomelli     83
West Germany   Martin Klimke     97
France   Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey     111
Great Britain   Holger Nehring     125
Northern Ireland   Niall o Dochartaigh     137
Belgium   Louis Vos     153
Czechoslovakia   Jan Pauer     163
Poland   Stefan Garsztecki     179
East Germany   Timothy S. Brown     189
Romania   Corina Petrescu   Serban Pavelescu     199
Hungary   Mate Szabo     209
Yugoslavia   Boris Kanzleiter     219
Switzerland   Nicole Peter     229
Scandinavia   Thomas Ekman Jorgensen     239
Spain and Greece   Kostis Kornetis     253
Transnational Networks and Narratives after 1968
Terrorism   Dorothea Hauser     269
The Women's Movement   Kristina Schulz     281
The Environmental Movement   Christopher Rootes     295
Narratives of Democratization: 1968 in Postwar Europe   Philipp Gassert     307
Afterword: The Future of 1968's "Restless Youth"   Tom Hayden     325
About the Authors     333
Index     339

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Bakunin: The Creative Passion

Author: Mark Leier

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