Sunday, January 18, 2009

Real McCain or Broken Government

Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don't Trust Him and Why Independents Shouldn't

Author: Cliff Schecter

Thinking about voting for McCain? Read this book. Cliff Schecter's hard-hitting profile explores the gap between the public record of Senator John McCain and his media image. Drawing on a range of sources and adding his unique perspective and humor, Schecter guides the reader though McCain's long history of expedient flip-flops, especially on his signature issues of national security and campaign finance reform. Far from a straight-talking maverick, McCain emerges as a temperamental political chameleon who will do or say virtually anything to become president of the United States. On issue after issue - including the invasion and occupation of Iraq, torture, abortion, and gay rights - The Real McCain reveals a politician who started as a Goldwater Republican, experienced a brief period after sanity after his loss to George W. Bush in 2000, and began pandering to the very groups he challenged after deciding to run again in 2008.

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Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches

Author: John W Dean

The concluding volume of The New York Times bestselling trilogy

One of today's most outspoken and respected political commentators asks: How can our democracy function when the key institutions of government no longer operate as intended by the Constitution? Stepping back to assess three decades of nearly continuous Republican rule, John W. Dean surveys the damage done to the three branches of government and traces their decline through the presidencies of Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I , and Bush II. Speaking to what the average moderate citizen can do to combat extremism, authoritarianism, incompetence, and the Republicans' deliberate focus on polarizing social issues, Broken Government is a must-have book for voters this election year.

Publishers Weekly

Dean delivers the presumably final book in his "impromptu trilogy" on the dread direction Republicans have taken both their party and the government in the past 40 years. His scathing premise that the government is on the brink of destruction due to the active choices of Republicans and the ineptitude of Democrats rings true as he meticulously identifies the failings and tenuous limbs upon which the three branches of government now exist. Dean also keenly identifies how the media has failed to address issues of how government processes its powers. Dean's prose provides clear and concise explanations and a rhythm that Michael easily integrates into his cadence. While sounding uncannily similar to narrator Scott Brick, Michael's voice has a slightly sterner tone, which further emphasizes Dean's disgusted stance. Footnotes are placed conveniently at the end of sentences in a surprisingly unobtrusive manner. While the performance does contain the occasionally badly edited voice shift, it still ends up an impressive and eye-opening deconstruction of politics today. Simultaneous release with the Viking hardcover (Reviews, July 30). (Aug.)

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The Boston Globe

Broken Government examines, with great precision and even greater urgency . . . 'how Republican rule destroyed the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.'

Table of Contents:
Preface xi Introduction: Process Matters 1 Chapter 1 First Branch: Broken but Under Repair 25 Chapter 2 Second Branch: Broken and in Need of Repair 71 Chapter 3 Third Branch: Toward the Breaking Point 119 Chapter 4 Repairing Government: Restoring the Proper Processes 175 Acknowledgments 203 Appendices 205 Notes 253 Index 317

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