Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Terry or Black Belt Patriotism

Terry: My Daughter's Life and Death Struggle with Alcoholism

Author: George S McGovern

It was just before Christmas 1994 that Senator George McGovern received the terrible news that his forty-five-year-old daughter, Terry, had been found dead in a parking lot near her Madison, Wisconsin, home. In an alcoholic stupor, Terry had stumbled out of a bar and into a snowbank, where she fell asleep and froze to death. In this extraordinary remembrance, Senator McGovern attempts to come to grips with the circumstances of his child's demise as well as her troubled life. Alcohol and depression were always twin curses for Terry. Though she maintained a facade of well-being, especially while working on her famous father's political campaigns, she was desperately trying to conquer her addictions. For long stretches of her adult life, despite her efforts to stay sober, she was shuttled in and out of detox centers and institutions. Throughout McGovern's remarkable career in Washington and after his retirement from the Senate, Terry's illness shadowed her parents' every activity. Could they save her without destroying themselves? Were McGovern's political ambitions a factor in Terry's despair? Could Terry's two young daughters - the Senator's grandchildren - remain with their mother? Terry's struggle, and the McGovern family's efforts to save her and learn from her illness, are the heartbreaking themes of this painful and unforgettable book. With courage and compassion, George McGovern addresses a private tragedy with an intimacy and honesty rarely achieved by a public figure. Terry is a book that has forever changed McGovern's life and will undoubtedly alter America's view of alcoholism.

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Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America

Author: Chuck Norris

Black Belt Patriotism offers a unique perspective on the steps we must take to kick the problems plaguing America, straight from a true American icon.

Table of Contents:

Ch. 1 One Nation, Divided, and Without a Clue 1

Ch. 2 Go Back to Go For 15

Ch. 3 Stop America's Nightmare of Debt 31

Ch. 4 Secure and Protect Our Borders 51

Ch. 5 From Here to Eternity 69

Ch. 6 Reclaim the Value of Human Life 85

Ch. 7 Calling All Millennials! 99

Ch. 8 Honor and Care for the Family 127

Ch. 9 Be Fit for the Fight 147

Ch. 10 Reawaken the American Dream 175

App The Declaration of Independence 195

App The Constitution of the United States 199

App The Ten commandments 213

Index 247

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