Saturday, February 14, 2009

Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder or Rousseau

Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions

Author: Michael Savag

Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder-

Michael Savage has the cure.

With grit, guts, and gusto, talk radio sensation Michael Savage leaves no political turn unstoned as he savages today's most rabid liberalism. In this paperback edition of his third New York Times bestseller, Savage strikes at the root of today's most pressing issues, including:

Homeland security: "We need more Patton and less patent leather . . . Real homeland security begins when we arrest, interrogate, jail, or deport known operatives within our own borders . . . One dirty bomb can ruin your whole day."

Illegal immigration: "I envision an Oil for Illegals program . . . The president should demand one barrel of oil from Mexico for every illegal that sneaks into our country."

Lawsuit abuse: "Lawyers are like red wine. Everything in moderation. Today we have far too many lawyers, and we're suffering from cirrhosis of the economy."

"Pure Savage. Very effective, very timely, very hot."

-American Compass Book Club

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Rousseau: 'The Discourses' and Other Early Political Writings

Author: Jean Jacques Rousseau

The work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau is presented in two volumes, which together form the most comprehensive anthology of Rousseau's political writings in English. Volume I contains the earlier writings such as the First and Second Discourses. The American and French Revolutions were profoundly affected by Rousseau's writing, thus illustrating the scope of his influence. Volume II contains the later writings such as the Social Contract. The Social Contract was publicly condemned on publication causing Rousseau to flee. In exile he wrote both autobiographical and political works. These volumes contain comprehensive introductions, chronologies, and guides to further reading, and will enable students to fully understand the writings of one of the world's greatest thinkers.

Table of Contents:
Chronology of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
A brief guide to further reading
A note on the texts
A note on the translations
A note on the editorial notes and index
Discourse on the Sciences and Arts or First Discourse1
Replies to Critics
Letter to M. l'Abbe Raynal29
Observations [to Stanislas, King of Poland]32
Letter to Grimm52
Last Reply63
Letter about a New Refutation86
Preface to Narcissus92
Preface of a Second Letter to Bordes107
Discourse on the Origin and Foundations of Inequality Among Men or Second Discourse111
Replies to Critics
Letter to Philopolis223
Reply to Charles-Georges Le Roy229
Letter to Voltaire232
Essay on the Origin of Languages247
Idea of the Method in the Composition of a Book300
Discourse on the Virtue a Hero Most Needs or On Heroic Virtue305
List of abbreviations and textual conventions317
Editorial notes320
Index of editors, translators, and annotators417
General index419

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