Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sociology of Health Illness and Health Care or Georgias and Timaeus

The Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care: A Critical Approach

Author: Rose Weitz

Why do people get ill, and how should we care for them? These are some of the questions driving THE SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH, ILLNESS, AND HEALTH CARE: A CRITICAL APPROACH. Inside, you'll learn about the nature of illness and how the health care industry works. Easy to understand and packed with study tools, this sociology textbook will not only get you ready to navigate the health care system, it will help you out in class as well.

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Georgias and Timaeus

Author: Plato

Two major works by one of history's best known and most widely read and studied philosophers. Gorgias addresses the temptations of success and the rewards of a moral life; Timaeus is an explanation of the world in terms not only of physical laws but also of metaphysical and religious principles. B. Jowett translation.

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